5 Ideas For The Best Office Christmas Party Ever

So you’ve been given the task of planning this year’s staff Christmas party…

Coming up with ideas at the boardroom table is a breeze, but party planning isn’t necessarily your forte. Never fear – we’re here to help. From the perfect decorations, the right venue and delicious food and wine – your party is going to be the place where office mates turn into great friends.

When planning an unforgettable Christmas party for your workmates, there are a few key things to keep in mind. Here are our five top tips for creating the perfect office Christmas party.

1. Party music

The number one rule with any staff Christmas party is having the right music to set the mood. Try relaxed, acoustic vibes for a lunchtime picnic, or go all out with disco sounds for an evening soiree. If you’re feeling particularly festive, bring out all those embarrassing Christmas-pop songs and enjoy a laugh with your colleagues.

For something truly unique, try a RoofClimb Night adventure and climb the heights of Adelaide Oval while listening to your favourite party tunes.

2. Cheesy photos

What’s a work Christmas party without a stack of hilarious photos to remember the evening? Whether you opt for a photo booth and goofy accessories, a professional photographer, a colleague that’s handy with a digital camera, or even just a smartphone – make sure you enlist someone to capture those unforgettable memories.

With every RoofClimb adventure, we’ll take lots of happy snaps of the team climbing across the iconic Adelaide Oval roofline.

photobooth with accessories

3. Wine and dine

Want to do something a little bit fancy this year for your Christmas staff celebration? Host a cocktail event or a dinner party with all the delicious trimmings. Make sure you’ve got some prized South Australian wine on hand and indulge in a three-course meal.

Wine and dine your colleagues at one of the best restaurants in Adelaide – Hill of Grace at Adelaide Oval. Paired with a RoofClimb adventure, you’ll be ready to celebrate the end of the year with a delicious meal overlooking the beautiful oval grounds.

RoofClimb at Adelaide Oval

4. Adventure time

For workmates that want to add a little adrenaline to their day, have your office Christmas party at a venue that’s primed and ready for adventure. Who said corporate types don’t know how to party?! Some ideas for an adventurous Christmas party include paintball, hiking through the hills, kayaking or canoeing, or an Adelaide Oval RoofClimb adventure.

An Adelaide Oval RoofClimb includes a chance to lean out over the hallowed turf, 50 metres above the ground – thrill seekers will be delighted!

Hanging off the Roofclimb edge

5. Dress up theme

The right clothes can make an occasion that much more special. If your office Christmas party is in an art-deco venue, set a 1920’s dress code for a party to envy Gatsby himself. If you’ve got an outdoor space, create a wonderland-themed event and ask guests to dress up as their favourite character.

On an Adelaide Oval RoofClimb adventure, you’ll see the sights of Adelaide from one of the best vantage points in South Australia. So why not theme your party ‘Best of SA’? How does dressing up as a FruChoc sound?


Make your next office Christmas party one to remember.

The staff Christmas party is an event that your colleagues will anticipate for weeks, and talk about for months afterwards. Choose an iconic venue in the heart of Adelaide and take your workmates on an adventure atop the roof of Adelaide Oval. Choose from our exciting range of climb styles, including Day, Twilight, Night, Climb and Dine or Breakfast!

Tailor your own group package to plan the perfect party.

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