Experience Adelaide from a new perspective atop Adelaide’s Icon.

RoofClimb Day is a city tour unlike any other.

With 360 degree views of Adelaide from the foothills to coast and everything in between, blue sky stretching in all directions.

Discover the colourful and quirky stories that make Adelaide so unique as you venture over the roofline and sit on the world-first stadium rooftop seats, 50metres over the hallowed turf. Test your nerve with a lean-out or just be in the moment and watch as the sunlight dances across the city skyline.

Includes provision of safety equipment and RoofClimb suit, safety briefing and personal secure locker to store your belongings during your experience.

Includes a RoofClimb Cap + Achievement Certificate + printed 6×8” group photo.

RoofClimb DurationRoofClimb Age

Climb Duration
2 hours

Minimum Age 8
Medical clearance over 75

Photo Pack
Available for purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

Participants 75 years and over will require a medical clearance form signed by their Doctor within 21 days of their scheduled Climb. Children must be at least 8 years old on the day of the RoofClimb.

Participants under 20 weeks pregnant must have the Medical Clearance Form signed by their Doctor. Participants 20 weeks pregnant and over are not able participate. Some medical conditions require medical clearance prior to participation, please refer to health-safety for full details.

Participants must be 136kg or under and over 120cm tall.

Comfortable, weather appropriate clothing to be worn under your climb suit and flat, rubber-soled, enclosed shoes (sneakers / runners) are required. Prescription and Sunglasses can be worn and securing lanyards will be provided. Jewellery and watches cannot be worn during the experience, we recommend leaving these home or storing in the personal lockers provided during briefing.

RoofClimb operates in all weather conditions – it adds to the experience! This includes rain, wind and sunshine! There are a few exceptions though – we don’t operate in electrical storms, hail or extremely high wind – we will contact you direct to postpone your climb if you are affected. We also reschedule climbs during extreme heat.