The best sunsets are seen from our rooftop!

RoofClimb Twilight is one of the most popular of all experiences, and for good reason! The lucky recipient will watch the sky come to life as the sun sets over Adelaide’s stunning coastline.

The perfect gift for an adventurous mind and romantic at heart. Led by an expert Climb Leader – they will witness the city sky lighting up with magical hues whilst discovering Adelaide from a unique perspective! For those who dare, they can take on the lean-out challenge, 50 metres over the Oval’s hallowed turf.

Includes provision of safety equipment and RoofClimb suit, safety briefing and personal secure locker to store your belongings during your experience.

RoofClimb Twilight participants receive a RoofClimb Cap + Achievement Certificate + Printed 6×8” Group Photo.

RoofClimb DurationRoofClimb Age

Climb Duration
2 hours

Minimum Age 8
Medical clearance over 75

Photo Pack
Available for purchase

Adult Gift Card


Child Gift Card


Frequently Asked Questions

Participants 75 years and over will require a medical clearance form signed by their Doctor within 21 days of their scheduled Climb. Children must be at least 8 years old on the day of the RoofClimb.

Participants under 20 weeks pregnant must have the Medical Clearance Form signed by their Doctor. Participants 20 weeks pregnant and over are not able participate. But don’t forget, our gift cards are valid for three years, so they have plenty of time to redeem if they can’t participate right now.

Some medical conditions require medical clearance prior to participation, please refer to health-safety for full details.

Participants must be 136kg or under and over 120cm tall.

Of course, all gift cards are transferable across all RoofClimb experiences. The recipient can use the value to put toward a Night, Game On! or Day experience and simply pay any difference in price at the time of booking. Any monies remaining on the gift card (if purchasing a lower priced experience) following redemption are not refundable and will be relinquished.

All gift cards are valid for 3 years from the date of purchase, allowing plenty of time to book in their RoofClimb experience. All gift cards should be treated like cash so please ensure the redemption codes are kept close as we don’t reissue in the event they are lost or misplaced.