Why Team Building Activities Pay for Themselves

Team building activities sometimes have a bad reputation.

Visions of people sitting around a stuffy conference table on a retreat passing a ball and talking in buzzwords can put people off. On the other hand, employers often think team bonding programs are taking their employees away from their work for a day, destroying productivity and workflow.

However, when they’re done right, team building activities can be a lot of fun and bring your team together.

We’ve seen many teams take on the RoofClimb challenge who leave feeling energised and inspired, which can’t help but have an effect on how they work and communicate back at the office. Team building should be an enjoyable and productive experience that shows your group of employees you value their contribution to your company and want to help them grow.

So what are some of the benefits you can expect from taking your team on a unique corporate team building experience? Let’s take a look.


people working in a cafe together


1. Get your team talking

When you can communicate with your team openly and confidently and they feel comfortable doing the same back to you, you’re more likely to find yourself in a positive working environment. A lack of communication causes issues in a work environment, from minor misunderstandings to major conflicts. Team building activities are a fantastic way to improve workplace communication and encourage sharing and collaboration in your team. The more adventurous or unique the activity, the higher the chance of organic interactions that get everyone talking.

It’s amazing how communication can improve the quality of work produced as people share their knowledge and opinions and learn from each other!


2. Give them a mood boost

Team bonding challenges are used by some of the most successful companies in the world to encourage a fun work culture. Just ask Google! The trick is to choose an activity that doesn’t make your team roll their eyes, and instead join in willingly. You should be able to see the teamwork, skills and trust developed during effective team building activities in action when you’re back at the office.

The outcome of a team challenge is that work related projects involving collaboration will be completed with more synergy and trust than before. The team bonding activity itself also allows you to get an inside look at the group leaders, varying relationship dynamics and the strengths and weaknesses of your group as a whole, giving you insights into how to best manage your team.


three people working together (1)


3. Build relationships

Most people work harder when they are motivated and feel a sense of loyalty towards you and the company. We spend more time a week with our work mates than at home with our family. If the work environment isn’t a positive one, your employees are less likely to be engaged, and ultimately might leave to find new opportunities elsewhere.

A supportive and enriching work environment strengthened through team building activities is one where people are happy to work. When they feel comfortable in the office, they can tackle new challenges and form trusting relationships with their managers and other employees. Going to work becomes a pleasure!


RoofClimb Tours at Adelaide Oval


A unique and effective way to bond: RoofClimb Adelaide Oval

The trick to a team building activity that is enjoyable for everyone is thinking outside the box. While there may be people out there who love ‘personal attribute bingo’, we believe a great team building experience means getting out of the office and doing something that gets people talking – and climbing.

Real connections are built through experiences that are out of the ordinary and you should want to challenge and excite your team. Give them something to talk about for weeks to come with a RoofClimb! The sky high tour of Adelaide Oval has everything: it’s exciting, interesting and definitely unique. But it’s not just the climb. We also include a variety of function room packages so that you can bond over the experience with food, drinks and a great view of the historic oval.

A RoofClimb will not only bring your team together but reward them for their hard work. People can’t help but have a positive attitude as they take in the views over Adelaide on a day they’d normally be in the office!


Choose from one of our group packages depending on your needs. Get your team climbing early to see the stunning views as the sun breaks over Adelaide and then sit down to a team breakfast. Or choose the evening tour, enjoy the sunset from Adelaide Oval’s highest point and bond over cocktails after.

Find out more about how RoofClimb can make your team building day unforgettable for your team! Visit our group packages page or enquire about tailoring a package to suit your needs.