Why A RoofClimb Is The Perfect Father’s Day Gift For Any Dad

How would the dad in your life describe his ultimate Father’s Day in Adelaide?

If you don’t know, let us tell you. 

Most dads aren’t fussy. In fact, dads typically prefer not to be fussed over, and sometimes see Father’s Day as just another Hallmark holiday. Well, we disagree.

We believe that dads deserve to be celebrated and thanked for all the help they give us every day!


Father's Day Gift

You can’t wrap an experience!


Father’s Day gift ideas tend to focus on trinkets, pop culture references or a variety of objects with cheesy dad-related slogans, rather than something more meaningful. A foolproof way to give him something he’ll appreciate and treasure is to find something that ticks these boxes:

  • An experience he’ll remember, not just throw to the back of his underwear drawer.
  • Quality time spent with you, his family.
  • Something he can tell his friends about for years to come.
  • A unique way to see Adelaide, where he’ll learn about the history of the city as he climbs high above the hallowed ground of Adelaide Oval! (A little specific, but definitely makes for a winning gift)


If you see Father’s Day as an opportunity to show Dad your love and appreciation, give him the best gift you could – a Commonwealth RoofClimb that covers all the bases.

Not convinced that he’ll love it?

Whether your dad is sporty, a lover of great cuisine, or more of a quiet history buff, there’s something for him to enjoy. Find yours on this list!


For the sporty dads


Grass Playing Field


Adelaide Oval is a mecca for any sport nut. Maybe your dad is a regular attendee at his favourite AFL team’s games, or he prefers to watch cricket matches on sunny summer days. Either way, if there’s a reason to be at the Oval for a sporting event, he’s either got tickets or he’s scouting for some.

If that’s your dad to a tee, climbing high above Adelaide Oval on a Commonwealth Bank RoofClimb will make his favourite sporting ground even more legendary. All of the reasons he loves Adelaide Oval – atmosphere, structure, location – are amplified when he climbs to the top alongside you and our skilled Climb Leaders.

There’s nothing like the look on their face when they view the inside pocket from 50 metres high, and they’ll get a kick out of telling their friends about it at the next match.


For first-time fathers


New Father and Baby

Nobody expects newborn babies to get their dad a gift, but it’s still exciting for new fathers to get some recognition on their first Father’s Day. In fact, it’s a really great excuse to spoil them and give them a break in such a hectic part of their lives!

They’ll love spending some time exploring Adelaide Oval on a Commonwealth RoofClimb. It’s exciting, unique and gives them a little break from their parental duties. Find someone to babysit and reserve a spot for you as well, or invite one of the new dad’s friends to really make it an event.


For the dads who like to know how things work


RoofClimb Roof


When Adelaide Oval redevelopment was completed back in 2014, the new grounds and adjoining footbridge made every Adelaidean proud. For some, the move to innovative modern architecture was the most exciting part of the development. If your dad is someone who looks up at buildings and has a fascination with the way things work, the RoofClimb will give him lots to think about.

The climb is a behind the scenes experience that delves into the way the stadium was built, different architectural facts and it gives all climbers a good look into the mechanics of such a vast structure.

If that’s what your dad’s interested in, let us know and we’ll make sure he gets all the details of the Oval’s inner workings while we climb!


For the foodies


Hill Of Grace Degustation



Adelaide Oval isn’t just an oval. For those who love good food, it’s also home to one of Adelaide’s best restaurants – Hill of Grace Restaurant.

Hill of Grace Restaurant serves South Australia’s finest locally grown ingredients, the best produce that our farmers can deliver and our state’s most brilliant wines in the iconic setting that is Adelaide Oval.

For an extra-special treat for dad, talk to us about complementing your climb with a booking at Hill of Grace Restaurant. You’ll be able to recap all the highlights of your thrilling journey across the Oval’s roof with an unforgettable three or four course dinner.

Learn more about the RoofClimb Climb & Dine packages here! 


For the adventurous dads


Compass and Maps Adventure


If your dad collects experiences like he does socks and bad jokes, he needs to add the RoofClimb to his ‘done’ pile! Your dad will be able to tell everyone he knows – “I’ve climbed that!” We even give him the hat, certificate and a photograph to prove it.

The experience itself takes you above the ground, high over the stadium up to the highest peak of the climb, where the daring can lower themselves out over the edge of the goal square – hands-free.

Is your dad up to the challenge?


Commonwealth Bank RoofClimb is for any dad, and every dad will love it!

If he’s been a good dad this year, let him know with an experience that he’ll never stop talking about. Bring the rest of your family along and make it a Father’s Day present that will be hard to beat in years to come…until you book your next climb!

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