Before booking your climb, you might have some questions about how to prepare and what to expect.

Taking care of any concerns before the big day will help you feel confident and allow you to enjoy every aspect of the climb, from your arrival at the RoofClimb Centre to your triumphant departure from Adelaide Oval.

Take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions below to find out more about the RoofClimb experience.

Depending on the type of climb you are looking for, we have a range of experiences to choose from. Below are the price points for Day and Twilight RoofClimbs.


All prices are in AUD and GST inclusive.

For details about our wider range of experiences, including Match Day climbs, view our full product range.

The experience from welcome to debrief will be approximately 2 hours. Check-in is required a minimum of 15 minutes before your set briefing time.

The climb itself is approximately 90 minutes from departure at the RoofClimb Centre.

Your RoofClimb will start and finish at Adelaide Oval’s Western Stand, with briefing and debriefing taking place in the RoofClimb Centre, located in the South West corner on Level 1, Riverbank Stand.

The experience will take you across the Western Stand, over a link bridge to the Riverbank Stand located at the Southern end of Adelaide Oval, and back across the Western Stand to exit.

Please wear comfortable, weather appropriate clothing on the day of your climb — i.e. t-shirt and shorts for summer, and long sleeves and pants for winter.

You will be provided with a special RoofClimb suit to put on over your clothes. There are a limited number of change rooms located in the RoofClimb Centre if you need to change clothes.

In order to participate – you are required to have enclosed shoes. We recommend that you wear comfortable, rubber soled shoes with sufficient grip, so your running, hiking or sport shoes will be perfect. Leather soled shoes are not ideal as they can be slippery on the grated walkway.

You will need to prepare for:

  • Moderate physical exertion at heights of up to 50 metres
  • Outdoor walking and climbing unaided for approximately 1.25km
  • Climbing up and down ladders and multiple flights of stairs
  • Walking on open metal grate walkways and a stepped bridge
  • Undertaking the conditions above while wearing safety equipment weighing approximately 9kg
  • Exposure to weather conditions that might include sun, rain, moderate wind and heat

There will be periodic rest stops but you will remain standing and will not have access to toilets, shade, water or seating.

As part of your admission, you will receive:

  • A dedicated RoofClimb Leader for your group
  • Full briefing and safety instructions
  • Provision of customised RoofClimb suit and secure glasses attachment 
  • A personal secure locker to store your belongings during your experience
  • Provision of a safety harness and audio system with over-ear piece to hear your RoofClimb Leader’s commentary throughout
  • A 90-110 minute guided experience climbing the Adelaide Oval Western Stand and Riverbank Stand roof

To remember your experience, each participant will take away with them:

  • A complimentary group photo from your RoofClimb
  • ‘Took on the Icon’ achievement certificate
  • Souvenir RoofClimb cap, worn during your experience

Additional photos and merchandise are available to purchase following your debrief.

We want as many people as possible to experience the thrill of climbing an icon and will do our best to help everyone. Please consider the sections outlined in the following question or speak with our RoofClimb Centre staff.

You will not be permitted to participate in RoofClimb if you:

  • Are more than 20 weeks pregnant (participants under 20 weeks pregnant will require aRoofClimb Medical Clearance Form completed by their medical practitioner)
  • Have broken bones or severely impaired limbs
  • Have recently undergone surgery or have been under the effect of sedatives or general anaesthesia within the last 48 hours
  • Have a limb, joint or back injury that currently affects fitness, strength or your ability to climb independently
  • Have experienced a heart or cardiovascular condition that has been diagnosed within the last 6 weeks, or for which you are not following a medical practitioner’s Medical Condition Management Plan
  • Suffer from chest pain or shortness of breath
  • Suffer from epilepsy and are within 6 months from having been diagnosed
  • Have suffered a fit, seizure or fainting episode in the past 6 months
  • Have suffered from syncope or blackouts in the last 12 months
  • Suffer from medically diagnosed Acrophobia (true fear of heights)

You will be required to provide evidence that you have been cleared by a suitably qualified medical practitioner as fit to participate in RoofClimb if you:

  • Are less than 20 weeks pregnant
  • Are over the age of 75 years
  • Suffer from any heart condition (including low or high blood pressure)
  • Suffer from any respiratory condition
  • Are missing or partly missing any limb
  • Suffer from vertigo, dizziness or loss of balance
  • Suffer from epilepsy
  • Suffer from any neurological condition
  • Suffer from a learning or other condition that cause you to be unable to follow safety instructions for the duration of the RoofClimb experience
  • suffer from visual impairment (except those wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses)
  • Suffer from hearing impairment
  • Suffer from an acute gastrointestinal condition
  • Suffer from a sleep condition
  • Suffer from any other condition or impairment that you feel may inhibit your ability to complete the RoofClimb unassisted and without endangering or risking your own health and safety, or that of other climbers or our RoofClimb staff

If any of the above conditions apply to you, you will be required to provide a completed Medical Clearance Form signed by a suitably qualified medical practitioner.

The signed Medical Clearance Form must be signed no more than 21 days prior to the date of your RoofClimb. You can provide the signed Medical Clearance to us at the time of check-in before your scheduled RoofClimb, however we recommend that you submit it to us up to 7 days prior to your scheduled RoofClimb.

Download the Medical Clearance Form.

Other conditions that must be met before participating are:

  • Participants must be a minimum of 120cm in height. Participants will be measured at time of briefing.
  • Each participant must weigh equal or less than 136kg fully dressed with shoes. Participants will be weighed at time of briefing.
  • Participants with a fear of heights (other than medically diagnosed Acrophobia) can still participate — please speak to the RoofClimb Centre staff at time of booking or on arrival at check-in.
  • Participants must register a blood alcohol concentration of less than 0.05%. All participants must submit to a compulsory breath test at time of briefing.
  • Participants must not be under the influence of substance or drugs (whether prescription or otherwise) within our reasonable opinion.
  • You must disclose if you suffer from diabetes or a debilitating or potentially fatal allergy:
  • Diabetes: You must conduct a blood glucose level test no more than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled RoofClimb, in the presence of our personnel, and must obtain a reading between 6-15 mmol/dl. An appropriate glucose supplement must be provided to the RoofClimb Leader for use if required during RoofClimb.
  • Allergies: You must provide details of the particular allergy and treatment in the event of exposure to the relevant allergen. Prescribed medication must be provided to the RoofClimb Leader to manage the effects should you suffer from an allergic reaction.

Participants who do not meet the conditions outlined in the health and medical declaration or as above will not be permitted to participate in RoofClimb.

Participants who fail to comply with any of the conditions on the day of their scheduled RoofClimb will not be entitled to a refund or be able to transfer their ticket to another scheduled RoofClimb.

Unfortunately, no. RoofClimb is not accessible by wheelchair or walking aids, given that the climb requires participants to climb ladders, steps and walk the pathways unassisted.

Our Adelaide Oval Stadium Tours are fully accessible by wheelchair and walking aids as an alternative experience.

Children aged 8 years and older may participate in RoofClimb.

Children 8 year to 15 years must be accompanied by a paying adult (maximum of 3 children per adult) and adhere to the minimum height requirement of 120cm.

Not at all! Anyone who can pass the medical clearance and other necessary checks, and who are comfortable and capable with climbing ladders and stairs should be fine to take in the stunning views and breathtaking RoofClimb experience.

Participants aged 75 years and over will need to provide a signed Medical Clearance Form from their doctor at the time of check-in or up to 7 days prior. If you have any concerns, please speak to our RoofClimb staff.

Yes, you can bring necessary inhalers or diabetic medication. Just give them to your RoofClimb Leader prior to the climb commencing. Please speak to the check-in staff on arrival.

Due to WH&S restrictions, you cannot take anything with you on the RoofClimb. You will be required to remove or secure all loose items including rings, earrings, watches or other jewellery.

You will be provided with a locker in which you can store all non-valuable belongings. We do not recommended bringing valuable items with you on the day of the climb. We will not be liable for any damage, loss or theft of personal property while you are on the RoofClimb.

Yes! The roof is white and can give off glare in the bright sun. We encourage everyone to protect their eyes and wear sunglasses.

Your RoofClimb Leader will loan you an attachment lanyard to ensure your glasses are secured during the RoofClimb experience.

No, unfortunately not. As the RoofClimb path extends over open areas, participants cannot take any loose objects with them including cameras, GoPros, phones, tablet devices. This is due to WH&S regulations to safeguard against objects dropping and potentially injuring people below, or being lost in Adelaide Oval’s turf potentially leading to player injury.

Our RoofClimb Leaders are professionally trained in photography to capture your best moments during the experience. All participants will receive a complimentary photo as part of your RoofClimb with additional images available to purchase from the RoofClimb Centre.

RoofClimb will proceed in most weather conditions including heat, rain and wind. The experience will not proceed in the following extreme weather conditions:

  • Hail storms
  • Thunder and lightning
  • Winds of 70km per hour or over

Where possible, RoofClimb will be delayed until the weather clears (within an hour of the scheduled departure). If this doesn’t occur, one of the following will be offered to you (at our sole discretion):

  • An alternate time / date will be offered that is convenient to the participants
  • A gift card for use within the next 12 months for an equivalent experience
  • A full refund of the purchased ticket.

Yes. Every RoofClimb will have their own dedicated RoofClimb Leader who will be with them from start to finish.

Your RoofClimb Leader will provide a full briefing, including health and safety instructions, before the climb begins. This includes fitting and securing your harness, using your audio guides and how to behave safely on the walkway.

Each RoofClimb is strictly limited to small groups of 14 people per climb. Tickets purchased for RoofClimb are non-refundable.

Changes cannot be made to your specific booking date or time within one week (7 days) in advance of the climb.

Tickets can be purchased through by using a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card, in person at Adelaide Oval, or through RoofClimb authorised resellers.

Yes! You can purchase a gift card online and receive an E-Gift Card which you can print at home or email to the lucky recipient. Alternatively, for traditional gift givers, you can opt to physically send a RoofClimb gift card to the recipient via express or standard post.

All gift cards are valid for 3 years from purchase date and can be redeemed online by the recipient using the unique code featured on the card. Please read the Terms & Conditions and check these FAQs carefully to ensure the recipient can participate in the RoofClimb experience, as gift cards are non-refundable (to the extent permitted by law).

Best seats in the house? You bet!

This is a brilliant experience and there are a couple of things to check off before you arrive for your experience…

Entry tickets to the match must be held in order to participate in the Game Day experience and these are not included in your package. If you have a membership which includes match entry, you’re all set – otherwise a match entry ticket can be purchased from Ticketek.

Don’t forget, as per our standard safety operations, all participants will be breathalysed during the check-in process and must be under 0.05% BAC to be admitted.. so save those match day bevies until after your climb!

See you on the rooftop!